Sara and Leah have been in the business of well being and vitality together on and off for most of their adult life. From owning a thriving, progressive downtown day spa and yoga studio in west palm beach, Florida to opening Shri Life Yoga, a unique boutique yoga studio in Palm Beach Gardens to their current projects which include the Your Life Practice podcast as well as teaching retreats and coaching clients in their respective private practices.

They are fascinated with the workings of life and with the idea that life, for all of us, is a process whereby we can ultimately become our most real, lovely, playful and wise Self. For more information on either sister you can check out the links to their individual websites below, along with a more detailed bio.


Sara Eavenson

A student for life…. now coaching my own students on what makes a life full, meaningful and vital.

Over the last 16 years of my training, I've come to realize that when you practice your life, the single most important thing that serves you is to always have a mind open to learning. The yoga tradition calls it ‘beginners mind’.

I’m an experienced veteran of life and Her hard knocks. I’ve traveled through turbulent waters, been brought to my knees a few times and learned/been forced to let go of so many of the constructs I thought were the point of life and to replace those ‘ideas’ with real life experience, a much bigger heart and a whole lot more empathy.

Sometimes that learning has been through my life lessons and my most immediate teachers - my children, husband, dog, extended family & friends. Other times, I’ve learned by taking the time to get quiet and be with myself, nature, breath and that bigger energy to which we are all so intimately connected.

But I have also needed my esteemed and well-practiced teachers. I am a well trained Yogi in the Para yoga tradition, A certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and a trained Life Coach. I owe so much of my growth to my teachers and feel truly blessed that I had the good fortune to find them during this lifetime. They have certainly made the path easier for me. Most notably I am forever grateful to my dearest teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker and the Himalayan Tradition to which I belong. Additionally, I am thankful for the wisdom and brilliance of my Ayurveda teachers, Kathryn Templeton and Dr. Rosy Mann. I also adore and have learned loads from Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, Mary Oliver, Glennon Doyle, Byron Katie, Rob Bell, Dr. Claudia Welch, and ….well, the list of inspiration just goes on….

If you want to study or work with me, you can be in touch through my website saraeavenson.com or email me at sara@saraeavenson.com.

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A few years ago I hit a wall.  I walked out of a doctors appointment wondering how I had managed to get here.  I had always been health conscious, ate well, had a yoga studio and a strong background in the spa industry and self care.  Now I was exhausted, in physical pain and not feeling well.  The doctor had diagnosed me with a virus called CMV and Hashimotos Autoimmune disease.  This began my journey to reclaim my health and in doing so to reflect upon my life and the direction I wanted it to take.  For too long I had allowed my life to be just a response to the next most pressing thing with very little idea about what direction I wanted it to go in.  I stopped taking care of everyone else first and began to take care of myself.  I applied the principles of wellness I knew  and became an advocate for myself.  As a result I started to become clear on my passion in life - to coach others through the process of reclaiming their health.   The body keeps track of and responds to our life- it is our unwritten diary - the path to wellness begins with embracing the bodies messages.  I am a  wife and mother to two amazing girls.

To be in touch with Leah, you can go to her website leahcarver.com or email her at leah@leahcarver.com