Episode 10: Moving through life cycle's

Fall - It’s the season of transition. We are moving out of the heat of summer and into the winds of change. There is a stripping down taking place in Nature. The trees are shedding their leaves, and the earth is hunkering down for the winter. Our bodies are meant to mirror the seasonal cycles. But we live in houses with artificial lighting, heat and technology. And we are busy! How can we be a better mirror, building a bit more grace, spaciousness and power into our moments, our days, and our lives?


Episode 9: Leah Goes Out of Her Comfort Zone

Dancing??? Can I just sit on my yoga mat? There is this limiting idea behind being comfortable. Stepping out of your comfort zone has the potential to shift… well, your comfort zone! And that’s how we grow, when we are willing to push our boundaries a little bit. We often feel like we are in the trenches of life, and our choices feel so BIG, and we become frozen with indecision. The reality is… It’s just play. Let’s reframe: This is a crossroads opportunity. Can you play? That’s where the magic happens.


Episode 8: Tracee Stanley on Yoga & Tantra for Householders

Remembering that You are Radiant and Powerful in 20 Minutes


Renowned yoga teacher, Tracee Stanley has been studying yoga and tantra for over two decades. Her practices and teachings are inspired by the powerful technologies of the Himalayan masters and years of study with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. Her former career as a Hollywood producer informs her teaching on how spiritual practice is a foundation to support and activate healing, abundance, fulfillment and joy in everyday life. Why should we live a life of practice? And what might we glean from our efforts?

Episode 7: Sara Navigates a Wild September

It’s been a pretty crazy ride! Unexpected circumstances took Sara’s organized, precision planning and threw it out the window. A college visit, teacher training, a 13th birthday, musician’s retreat, moving her family of five and downsizing her home of ten years... all major life events, packed into 30 days! How Life Practice fed Sara throughout the journey, the insights she received along the way, and the opportunity to teach her children that, with care and compromise, we can all have what we want.

Episode 6: Is Discipline a Bad Word?

What is a practice and why do it?

We’ve been taught to measure success by checking off external boxes, what we’ve accomplished. What if we measured success by our feelings instead? Practice is a set of rituals, pauses we place in our lives so we can align with who we WANT to be. Practice sets a foundation, so we can gain true happiness. It acts as a guiding system so that we can show up as our most authentic self, fully present for what the day holds. Do I feel vibrant? Potent? If not, practice helps bring us back to our center.

Episode 5: What is Ayurveda? with Kathryn Templeton of the Himalayan Institute

Ayurveda is the ancient science behind yoga, an opportunity for you to know yourself in a deeper way, a pathway to remedy what is out of balance and bring about more alignment – before we get sick. It allows us to become more skillful about the way we live our lives. Our guest, Kathryn Templeton is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Trauma Psychotherapist, and renowned teacher of yoga and Ayurveda at the Himalayan Institute. Join us in conversation about these deep philosophies with humor and humanness.


Episode 4: What is Yoga?

Yoga isn’t just showing up at class and getting good at the poses. Yoga IS a workout in a broader sense: a workout for your mind, body and spirit. Here you are, working it out… who you are, what your potential is, what you are here to learn… working out the deep knowing of yourself and your tendencies, your inadequacies, and holding space for yourself in a loving, tender way. More than just a workout, yoga is union - creating connections, building the inner and outer conversations in your life.


Episode 3: What is Life Practice?

The dictionary defines the word “practice” as habit or custom. What are your habits? Without conscious practice, it’s easy to just do what we think we *should*. Most of us are raised to be externally driven. What would happen if we allowed what is *inside* us to drive us?, asking what makes us feel AMAZING, centered, standing in our truth, bringing our unique gifts and attributes to the forefront? On the roller coaster of life, we can ride those ups and downs with more ease, grace, and clarity.


Episode 2: Meet Us! Sara Eavenson on Learning to feel, Co-Host

Meet the elder of our two sisters! Sara is a seeker and natural leader, always looking for a better way of doing things. She is wife of 20 years, mum of three, yoga teacher, student of Ayurveda, and coach helping women to thrive. What does being a seeker mean to Sara? She hasn’t always defined it that way, feeling more like a runner – running away from things just as much as seeking, not being sure of what it was she was seeking, other than answering the question of Where Do I Belong?


Episode 1: Meet Us! Leah Carver - how autoimmune changed my life, Co-Host

Meet the younger of our two sisters! Leah recently wrote a book about her experience of being taken to her knees with the autoimmune disease, Hashimotos. Leah is married, mother of two, yoga teacher, and coach helping women move toward wellness and step into their own truth. Hear the story of Leah's journey: from being attached to what was in front of her to being forced her to listen more deeply to her body and her soul.

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