Are You a Human Being Or a Human Doing?

To BE human is to live fully in to what’s possible for you.  So many of us live at the mercy of a seemingly never ending TO DO list.  And we forget about what it means to BE our most present, rested, nourished, creative self.   And we also forget about doing the things for ourself that allow us to be in that space of BEING.

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Sacred Chat - A conversation with Anamargaret Sanchez

We just loved this sweet conversation of diving into what it means to live a sacred life

Anamargaret is the host of her own podcast, Sacred Chats, we asked her how she would define sacred and how she teaches others to bring more of it in to their lives.  Our conversation went deep as we touched upon meaning, ritual, suffering and what it means to be interested in the complex layering of our human-ness.


The Struggle is Real

A perfect life, without struggle. Is it possible? Of course not. We are all going to struggle at times. Our tendency is to want to avoid or fix difficult and demanding situations and when we can’t we can start to spin out. Join the conversation as Sara and Leah ponder life, it's challenges and how practice can support.


Rest Is A Spiritual Practice

Rest is a (spiritual) practice. The self care buzz is everywhere, but is it realistic. We like to look as some of the things we can do daily to help live our best life and rest is one of those pillar practices. On today’s show we discuss what rest is and what it is not, why we need it and what happens if we don’t get it. How lack of rest can affect our lives and what’s the remedy.


Mid Life Reckoning

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt a deep questioning about all the workings of your life?  Or found yourself wondering if this is it .....  or had the feeling that you just have to make some big life changes ....  immediately? 


Life is a process and we are always being processed...

On this week’s episode we marvel at the ever unfolding process of life in which each of us humans becomes more and more ‘ourselves’ throughout the span of a lifetime. Using the stories and insights we had in our own lives this week, we talk about everything from being challenged to SOFTEN and SURRENDER (even though you don’t want to) to trusting your process, to getting your kid ready for high school.


Episode 20 - Our practice... a work in progress

On this episode, we take a deeper dive into our own lives, practices and challenges. We showed up for the episode with a few questions to ask the other, what resulted was a very organic episode of contemplation and  self inquiry. We just show up and get a little bit put on the spot. The result is a real, raw and entertaining episode about what it means to practice and cultivate your life.

Episode 18 - Why Do (New Year) Resolutions Often Fail?\

It’s the end of 2018 and our final episode of Season , we thought it the perfect time to talk about why (New Year’s) Resolutions often Fail and how we can support ourselves to make them stick. Using our own stories of both success and failure - we invite our listeners to get clear on what it is that they really want and what might be standing in the way of having it.

Episode 17 - The Joyful Pause - a conversation with Nicole Taylor

This week we sit down with Nicole Taylor, author of A Joyful Pause: 52 Ways to Love Life. This was such a fabulous conversation - real, organic and practical.  While navigating the loss of her marriage she developed the idea of the Pause - a moment in her day that brought her back to self, the sacred and a sense of steadiness.  A beautiful woman and book to support “joyfully pausing”


Episode 16 - Talking Stress with Kim Marrone

This week we sat down to talk with our charismatic and brilliant friend, Kim Marrone, Acupuncture Physician and certified Functional Medicine practitioner.  The topic is Stress but as the conversation unfolds it develops in to so much more. Fortified by her depth of knowledge about health and her passion for people and wellness, Kim did such an amazing job of both educating and inspiring us


Episode 15 - On boundaries and family during the holidays

In this episode, Sara and Leah ask a listener’s questions - How do we set boundaries in our often messy family relationships? How do you go through a family gathering without feeling beaten up or exhausted by it? They offer some practical and practice based answers to support you so you can navigate it more skillfully by being ready and prepared for it all. Prepared being the key word.


Episode 14 - A spin on Gratitude

Have you ever had the experience that something negative is happening in your life and then month’s or year’s later reconsidered… that the very thing that happened to you was actually something good?  That maybe it didn’t just happen to you but that it happened for you and that in the end you learned a valuable lesson or decided to make a life change due to that event or mis-step?

Episode 13 - A conversation about Grief

Whether you yourself are grieving a loved one, a job, a divorce or something else, this conversation offers real and eye opening insights as to what the very raw“process” of grief might entail. As we talked Sarah clearly emphasized that it was and still is a process. In fact she calls it a “metamorphosis” movement through the “gnarly” painful stage,, to the ‘piecing things back together’.


Episode 12 - Is Self Care Selfish?

Do the people in our lives have to get on board with our decision to take more time and space for self care? What will they say or think if we make the revolutionary choice for more nourishing self care practice? How do we make that change? How do we speak wisely and powerfully to any pushback we might receive from partners, family members or peers? Can we learn to hold firm and loving boundaries around this?


Episode 11 - Uncovering Your Purpose with Laurie Dean

Have you ever lay down under a starry sky, looked up and questioned why you are here and what you are meant to do with your life?  This is where Laurie takes us during this fascinating conversation as we unpack the layers of being human and the methodology of  our mutual teacher, Rod Stryker’s book, The Four Desires - Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity and Freedom.